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 startups for cybersecurity.


I look for early stage founder driven startups

in the cyber security space

I am not interested in traction

I am interested in the potential of your idea

I am focused – just like you


I want to be your first investor

I will help you reach proof of concept

I will introduce you to your first paying customer

I will introduce you to your first VC

I will help you build a team

Who I am

Norbert Pohlmann

Professor for Internet Security,

investor and business angel

former board member, top manager

and founder like yourself
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Why you should work with me?

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Access to innovation

At my  cyber security institute  I am leading a team of 50 researchers working on the latest cyber security technology
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Access to know-how

My team and me have a lot of experience
in concepts, principles, mechanisms, architectures
and properties of cyber security  solution
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Access to market

I am connected and personal friends with most cyber security managers around the world

I am the founder and board member of the most important security conferences and industry consortia
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Access to capital

I am consultanting the most active
cyber security VCs in Europe

I know who will invest in your idea
and how to pitch it
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Access to talent

As a professor I am working with and educating
the brightest young minds in Cyber Security

All my students and former students trust my instincts
and will be happy to join the next Cyber Security unicorn
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Access to mentors

I will be your first mentor, but you need more input

I know all the big shots in the Cyber Security space
and there is an expert in my network for every topic:
product, sales, marketing, growth, finance,
investment and so on.
get in touch

E-Mail me an answer the following three questions:

What is the existing market problem?

How does your product solve this problem?

Why are you the right team to bring 1. and 2. together?

E-Mail: contact@p-venture.com
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personal data sheet

Norbert Pohlmann


Electrical Engineering,
specialized in Computer Science (Dipl.-Ing.)

Doctoral thesis on   “Possibilities and Limitations of Firewall Systems”

City of Aachen Prize for Innovation and Technology 1997
for scientific and entrepreneurial achievements

Professor of the year 2011 in the category Computer and
Engineering Sciences

Professor in the Computer Science Department for
information security

Director of the Institute for Internet Security – if(is)
Experienced entrepreneur

Founder and CEO KryptoKom GmbH (1988 – 1999)

Member of board Utimaco Safeware AG (1999 – 2003)
Know the market, the technology and the players
Chairman of the IT Security Association – TeleTrusT 

Member of board of the Internet industry Association – eco

Member of the Advisory Group of the

Member of board of the Cloud Computing Economy
Association – EuroCloud

Member of the steering committee of the
„IT Security in Business“ initiative of the Federal Ministry of
Economics and Technology (BMWi)
Member of the Advisory Group of the European Union Agency for Cypersecurity – ENISA Member of the Cyber Security Council – Weisenrat

Member of the scientific advisory board of the Association for Data Protection and Data Security (GDD)

Member of the board of the association for the promotion of young talent IT security – NFITS

Investor and member of the decision-making body in the eCAPITAL cybersecurity fund
Experience / Commitment

Numerous publications, lectures and seminars on the subject ofcybersecurity testify
his expertise and commitment to this subject

Visiting professor at Stanford University, Department of Computer Science, US (SS2013)

See also: https://norbert-pohlmann.com/category/lebenslauf/
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Experience in investements

• Four-to-B GmbH

• SignCard GmbH

• Sirrix AG

• secucloud GmbH
• Finally Safe GmbH

• XignSys GmbH


• TrustCerst GmbH